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Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase :: The place to go when you need to know about BMWs

The Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase is a BMW resource for enthusiasts designed to answer questions from begginer to advanced regarding every aspect of BMWs. Submissions are welcome, and the author will be noted were applicable if a submission is an article type submission. This site presents you with the opportunity to become a BMW authority.

Members can find information on BMW parts, including reviews and poll results from our forum or elsewhere, BMW accessories, BMW How-To Guides, BMW Step-by-Step BMW part installation guides, BMW DIY, or BMW Do-It-Yourself Guides, and a wealth of other informative links and BMW information. Basic BMW model information and Histories, as well as BMW computer codes are found here as well for both OBDI and OBDII BMWs.

To submit a resource to the BMW Knowledgebase on Ultimate-BMW.com, please email all submissions to
admin@ultimate-bmw.com, with "BMW Knowledgebase Submission" as the title.


Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase :: The place to go when you need to know about BMWs


Last edited/updated on 8/31/04

Body (Exterior):

Replacing Door Handle Trim Rob (Budster from www.BimmerForums.com)

M-Tech rear bumper installation Filip Malkov (Filip75 from BimmerForums.com)

M3 (M-Tech) side skirts Installation Filip Malkov (Filip75 from BimmerForums.com)

M3 Mirrors Installation Filip Malkov (Filip75 from BimmerForums.com)

Manual to Electric Mirror Conversion BMWg84 (from BimmerForums.com)

Front Bumper Removal www.logun.org

How to add a lip spoiler to a M3 style front bumper www.understeer.com

'M-Tech' Front Spoiler Upgrade Frank Henderson (Frankie from www.BimmerForums.com)

X-Brace Install www.understeer.com

BMW Roundel Emblem Replacement www.pelicanparts.com

Painting Grill Surrounds www.bmw-m.net

Using the BMP Rocker Panel Kit Dennis

How to color match you ugly grey side skirts... Karl

Side Skirt (grey removal) RayMan (www.BimmerForums.com)

Side Skirt Fix for E36 (1992-1995) www.BimmerZone.com

Paint Matching Side Skirts Economically Frank Henderson (Frankie from www.BimmerForums.com)

Blacken Out Grills (BMW E36) www.teutonic.ca

Washer Jet Replacement Kevin (TheBestCow from www.BimmerForums.com)

Wheel Curb Rash Removal forums.audiworld.com

Body (Interior):

Steering wheel squeak FIXED... Writeup w/pics Patrokloss (from www.BimmerForums.com) 25 Aug 2004

Rear Seats Removal (.DOC file) Jose Barbosa (lflaco from www.bimmerforums.com)

Fix an e36 Comfort Relay roadfly.com

Removing Back Seat www.apexcone

Heated seat repair Todd Tharp

Removing the front seats and fixing squeaky seats www.logun.org

Removing the door panel www.logun.org

V1 Stealth Install James McIver

Door Microswitch Replacement (92-94 only) Frank Henderson (Frankie from www.BimmerForums.com)

Did your window glass just fall in to the door? Here's how to fix it www.understeer.com

In-Car Computer James McIver

The Control Panel James McIver

E36 Coupe window problem fix www.logun.org

Removing the glove box http://nolimit.to

Fixing a warped dash in an E36 Ian (from www.BimmerForums.com)

LED Mood Lighting Matthew C. Smith

Interior LED Lighting Conversion www.logun.org

Replacing the Backlight for the clock Mickey from www.BimmerForums.com

How to fix that sagging glovebox door.....NOW!!! www.understeer.com

Momo Shift Knob Installation www.pelicanparts.com

BMW E36 M3 Race Roll Bar Installation www.ioportracing.com

Steering Wheel Retrofit & Upgrade Frank Henderson (Frankie from www.BimmerForums.com)

Constructing A Car Camera Mount Matt Segal

Clutch Stop www.apexcone.com

Does your interior squeek? It might be fixable www.BimmerForums.com

Sunroof rattling? Won't open? Won't close? Tilts sideways when closing? Karl

E36 Coupe / Saloon Sunroof Tilt Mechanism Repair www.fastlanebmw.com

Moonroof separation from the headliner Q&A www.BimmerForums.com


BMW ABS Repair Description Gary Harrison

Brake Pedal Switch Replacement www.pelicanparts.com

Replacing Rear Bearings SecretAznMan4u (from www.BimmerForums.com)

Replacing BMW Brake Pads www.pelicanparts.com

E-Brake Adjustment www.pelicanparts.com

Brembo Big Brake Kit Upgrade www.pelicanparts.com

Replacing the Rear Brake Pads and Rotors Baden Smith

Brake Circuit Failure FIX Karl Bergmann


Bleeding BMW Brakes www.pelicanparts.com

Standard Rotors with Axxis Ultimate Pads (Swap) Matthew C. Smith

Changing Brake Pads www.racepad.com

Painting your Calipers www.pelicanparts.com

Car Care:

The Great Paint Project Baden Smith

Using a Power Polisher www.apexcone

Repairing paint chips www.apexcone

Engine Compartment Cleaning www.apexcone


installing immobiliser patrick S (from www.bimmerforums.com)10 Aug 2004

installing alarm and solving e36 common problems patrick S (from www.bimmerforums.com)8 Aug 2004

DIY Mammoth e36 DIY, XM/CD Canger/Keyless Entry/Speakers El Presidente (from www.bmw-forums.com)

High-Visabilty e36 alarm LED DIY El Presidente (from www.bmw-forums.com)

DME Repair and Replacement www.pelicanparts.com

Radio Head Unit Installation www.pelicanparts.com

Resetting BMW Airbag Warning Lamps (SRS Reset) www.PelicanParts.com

Changing bulbs in your instrument cluster Doc325i (from BimmerForums.com)

Window Motor Repair one (from Bimmerforums.com)

Repairing the Climate Control Computer macadamizer.com

If your DME got flooded 1992-1994

Wiring blinkers to the alarm George (Androulakis from www.BimmerForums.com)

Dim Radio Displays Arturo Gossage (www.boston-bmwcca.org)

How to install the OEM BMW alarm Mickey from www.BimmerForums.com

How to make your aftermarket alarm double lock the doors www.understeer.com

A-Pillar Gauges James McIver

E36 lock actuator replacement procedure Tom ///Mink (tmink from www.BimmerForums.com)

Installing a euro led for an alarm www.logun.org

FULL OBC Conversion (Directions: How to) BiMmEr JoN (from www.BimmerForums.com)

OBC - Button failure werner@prodeng.com

One Touch Sunroof Conversion Manuel Paredes

Headunit Replacement Kevin (TheBestCow from www.BimmerForums.com)

Speaker/Audio Install www.logun.org

E36 M3 COUPE or E36 3 series COUPE Stereo Upgrade Phil (Cobra Jet from www.BimmerForums.com)

Push Start Ignition, New Keyless option El Presidente (from www.bmw-forums.com)

Z8 Start Button DIY Colin Nicol

Push Start Button for $6 Cleoent from www.BimmerForums.com

Z8 Starter button install www.logun.org

Z8 Start Switch James McIver

Garage Door Opener James McIver

Gauges Install www.logun.org

An Easy and Inexpensive Ignition Cut-Off Switch www.pelicanparts.com

Brake Circuit Failure Fix Karl

Engine Compartment (Under the Hood)

M50 Manifold Install John Doby (www.team-bar.com) 11 Aug 2004

Installation of a '95 3.0L OBDI Intake onto a '99 3.2L OBDII Motor www.midnightautoworks.com 11 Aug 2004

BMW Cooling System Flush www.pelicanparts.com

BMW Camshaft Removal & Installation www.pelicanparts.com

BMW Valve Cover/Gasket Replacement www.pelicanparts.com

The definitive guide to under the hood squeaking Thomas, R. Malcolm

Air Box De-Baffle www.BimmerForums.com

Spark plug change for 6 cyl www.pelicanparts.com

Spark Plug Change for 4 cyl Kevin (TheBestCow from www.BimmerForums.com)

Valve Cover/Gasket Replacement Frank Henderson (Frankie from www.BimmerForums.com)

Cold Air Intake (CAI) with Heat Shield Matthew C. Smith

DME - Performance chip installation Nathan Davies

BMW Oil Service Light Reset (cheap way) www.unofficialbmw.com

BMW Oil Service Light Reset (w.tool) www.pelicanparts.com

Testing Engine Compression Robert Montano (www.bmwhow2.com)

Painting the Engine Hyperion (from www.BimmerForums.com)

Do-It-Yourself Ram Air Tube (RAT) www.bmw-m.net


BMW Muffler Replacement www.PelicanParts.com

Installing M3 exhaust in 325i(s) Frank Henderson (Frankie from www.BimmerForums.com)

Swapping exhaust on E36 bmwcca.org (Roundel)

Muffler hanger R&R Robert Montano (www.bmwhow2.com)

Fuel Injection:

Reading OBD-II Fuel Injection Systems www.PelicanParts.com

Fuel Pump Replacement www.PelicanParts.com

Oxygen SensorReplacement www.pelicanparts.com

BMW Injector Replacement www.pelicanparts.com

Fuel Sender/Gasket Replacement Frank Henderson

Oxygen Sensor Replacement Filip Malkov (Filip75 from BimmerForums.com)

Fuel Pump Removal RayMan (www.BimmerForums.com)

Reading Fault Codes on BMW Fuel Injection Systems www.pelicanparts.com


DIY HID install inside ellipsoids, all pics included El Presidente (from www.bmw-forums.com)

Fogs with High Beams clumpymold (from www.BimmerForums.com) 25 Aug 2004

HIDs in High Beams (or Low Beams) clumpymold (from BimmerForums.com)

HID in Fog Lights clumpymold (from www.BimmerForums.com)

Low Beam Failure Fix clumpymold (from www.BimmerForums.com)

DIY Fog Light / Driving Light Mod W/ pic one (from www.BimmerForums.com)

Doubling up the Brake Lights (Ti) Bob Collins

Requirements for leveling your Ellipsoids (PDF) Filip Malkov

Adjusting Ellipsoid lights (PDF) Filip Malkov

City Lights Project Richard Carlson

City Lights Install Outcastaliens (www.BimmerForums.com)

European Ellipsoid Installation www.logun.org

European Ellipsoid Installation #2 www.apexcone.com

How To Aim Headlamps and Auxiliary Lamps Daniel J. Stern

"Angel Eyes" Installation into Euro spec lamps www.logun.org

HID Installation into Euro spec lamps www.apexcone.com

Retrofitting Xenon Headlights to your BMW bmw@ecubed.com

Daylight Running Lights (DRLs) Ron Stygar

Installing clear turn signals www.logun.org

Painting the rear lights Miles-UK

Converting H1 Foglights To H7 Driving Lights www.apexcone.com

StonGard Demo Video www.umnitza.com

Turn signal "yolk" - be gone www.apexcone.com

9005/9006 Conversion (this works with US spec. lights too) BMWE34.NETWORK


Fuel Filter Replacement www.pelicanparts.com

Air Filter Replacement www.pelicanparts.com

How To Swap a Differential Tommy R (from Bimmerforums.com)

M3 Limited Slip Repair Tommy R (from Bimmerforums.com)

BMW Heater Core Replacement David LaBarreare

Inspection I & II Check List www.logun.org

Instructions for Changing Your Own Oil (Z3) Baden Smith

Oil Change Write-Up www.logun.org

Oil Change Video www.umnitza.com

Micro Filter Change www.logun.org

Replacing microfilter on E36 & E36/5 (Ti) www.koalamotorsport.com

Radiator Flush www.logun.org

Coolant Change www.bimmersone.com

Coolant Change #2 Vlasis

Changing the Belts www.logun.org

Installing a new water pump www.logun.org

Changing the waterpump ona E36 6-cylinder www.understeer.com

Changing out the thermostat www.logun.org

Differential fluid chage www.logun.org

Adjusting the E-Brake www.logun.org

Unstable Idle - Cleaning ICV Miles-UK


Suspension upgrade Bernman (from www.BimmerForums.com)

Control Arm Replacement www.pelicanparts.com

E36 RTAB DIY with BMW Tools w/ or w/o GC shims aweather (www.BimmerForums.com)

Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plates and Sway Bar Reinforcement Matthew C. Smith

Bilstein PSS9 Coilover Installation Matthew C Smith (from Bimmerforums.com)

Lower Control Arm Bushing replacement Tommy R (from Bimmerforums.com)

E30/E36/E46 Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement www.understeer.com

E36 M3 - Suspension Change www.logun.org

Replacing Rear Shock Mounts phazer (from Bimmerforums.com)

Replacing Rear Shock Mounts Frank Henderson

RSM (Rear Shock Mounts) www.uucmotorwerks.com

Changing shock mounts www.logun.org

Suspension Upgrade (Bilstein & BavAuto?!?) www.logun.org

Changing shocks/struts www.logun.org

How to install an x-brace www.understeer.com

X-Brace Install www.logun.org

Bilstein Bump Stops www.unofficialbmw.com

Aluminum Monoball Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (E36 M3) www.apexcone.com

E36 Front Control Arm Replacement Steve (Stimpee on www.BimmerForums.com)


Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement / Bleeding www.pelicanparts.com

Replacing your Automatic Transmission Lines www.pelicanparts.com

Replacing the Guibo / Flex Disc www.PelicanParts.com

Replacing your Transmission Mounts www.PelicanParts.com

Replacing the Driveshaft Bearing www.PelicanParts.com

Installing a Short Shift Kit (SSK) www.PelicanParts.com

Clutch Replacement www.PelicanParts.com

Replacing BMW Shift Bushings www.PelicanParts.com

UUC Motorwerks 8.5 lb Flywheel with e34 M5 Clutch Matthew C. Smith

Flexdisk R&R bmwhow2.com

Auto Shift Knob Upgrade Frank Henderson (Frankie from www.BimmerForums.com)

How to install a short throw shift lever / Cheap SSK www.understeer.com

How to make your own weighted selector rod for $5! www.understeer.com

Replacing Your Automatic Transmission Fluid www.pelicanparts.com

Transmission bushing upgrade UD///M (from www.BimmerForums.com)


E36 Jacking Up www.pelicanparts.com

Wiring up the Radar Detector to the sunroof switch Beamin' (www.BimmerForums.com)

Working MPG gauge for 318ti 6 cylinder conversions clex2 (www.BimmerForums.com)

Turning Off Traction Control Bob Miller

Tow Bar Removal Gizmo316i (from www.BimmerForums.com)

E30 LED Key Conversion Prepared by VietSB (submitted by Robert from www.BimmerForums.com)

UUC E36 Under-Drive Pulley Installation Larry A. Blunk, II

HVAC Philip Marques

Nitrous System James McIver

How to do the famous fan mod www.understeer.com

"Fogging" your airbox www.logun.org

How to jack up the front of a lowered BMW www.understeer.com

95 M3 Evosport Pulley Install Instructions www.bimmerforums.com

Info Center:

BMW Parts Database rust.mine.nu

E34 DIY page

E38 DIY page

Various write-ups for common problems/updates to cars (FAQ section) vamp.darkravers.net

BMW Maintenance Database submitted by Frank

(far too) Frequently Asked Questions www.understeer.com

BMW VIN Decoder www.bmw-z1.com

BMW Forums and Registry Boards Filip Malkov (Filip75 from BimmerForums.com)

Aftermarket Companies List Filip Malkov (Filip75 from BimmerForums.com)

Clear Turn Signals- ARE THEY LEGAL?!? Filip Malkov (Filip75 from BimmerForums.com)

Common Problems - E36 David Boyd

318 to M Conversion Resource Page Elibeemer

What shocks and struts do www.kauffmantire.com

Making Sense of Synthetic Lubricants www.BimmerZone.com

M3Supercar FAQ www.m3supercar.com

Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins www.alldata.com

Gear/MPH Calculator (for all of those folks with gear ratio/ tire diameter questions, this one allows you to input tire diameter or size, trans ratios, final drive ratio, and redline and it calculates speed vs. RPM in each gear)

How Manual Transmissions Work www.howstuffworks.com

Vehicle Brake Information Romano Michael

BMW Technical assistance library (all models) B. Taylor

tire size/ gear ratio/ speedo correction site This program is designed to help those of you who want to change the size of your wheels and/or tires. Hopefully, it will help you to sort through the seemingly infinite number of wheel and tire combinations.

Enginecore.com A site with classified-type listings of every possible engine cores, rebuilds, and parts. it even has farm tractor and marine stuff.)


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