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Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase :: The place to go when you need to know about BMWs

The Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase is a BMW resource for enthusiasts designed to answer questions from begginer to advanced regarding every aspect of BMWs. Submissions are welcome, and the author will be noted were applicable if a submission is an article type submission. This site presents you with the opportunity to become a BMW authority.

Members can find information on BMW parts, including reviews and poll results from our forum or elsewhere, BMW accessories, BMW How-To Guides, BMW Step-by-Step BMW part installation guides, BMW DIY, or BMW Do-It-Yourself Guides, and a wealth of other informative links and BMW information. Basic BMW model information and Histories, as well as BMW computer codes are found here as well for both OBDI and OBDII BMWs.

To submit a resource to the BMW Knowledgebase on Ultimate-BMW.com, please email all submissions to
admin@ultimate-bmw.com, with "BMW Knowledgebase Submission" as the title.


Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase :: The place to go when you need to know about BMWs

The BMW Link Directory - please email all submissions to admin@ultimate-bmw.com requesting a link be added to our BMW Link Directory, with "BMW Link Directory" as the title of your email submission.

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