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Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase :: The place to go when you need to know about BMWs

The Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase is a BMW resource for enthusiasts designed to answer questions from begginer to advanced regarding every aspect of BMWs. Submissions are welcome, and the author will be noted were applicable if a submission is an article type submission. This site presents you with the opportunity to become a BMW authority.

Members can find information on BMW parts, including reviews and poll results from our forum or elsewhere, BMW accessories, BMW How-To Guides, BMW Step-by-Step BMW part installation guides, BMW DIY, or BMW Do-It-Yourself Guides, and a wealth of other informative links and BMW information. Basic BMW model information and Histories, as well as BMW computer codes are found here as well for both OBDI and OBDII BMWs.

To submit a resource to the BMW Knowledgebase on Ultimate-BMW.com, please email all submissions to
admin@ultimate-bmw.com, with "BMW Knowledgebase Submission" as the title.


Ultimate-BMW.com BMW Knowledgebase :: The place to go when you need to know about BMWs

Categories and Resources: Description: Last Edited On:

1. General BMW Chassis Codes Begginer - This table details how to make sense out of some of the most popular BMW chasis codes. Especially helpful for those brand new the BMW tuning and BMW performance scene. Make sense of what the heck E36 means!
2. BMW Engine Codes Intermediate - This table details the BMW engine codes for many of the most popular models of BMW. Make sense of those Mxx numbers and find out exactly what size your BMW engine is and what other model BMWs have your BMW engine.
3. BMW OBD and Fault Codes Intermediate - This resource describes how to interpret the OBD codes that your BMW generates which can help you to determine if your BMW is in need of maintenance. Listen to your BMW, it knows what's best.
4. BMW How-To Guide -
How To Properly Install BMW Spark Plugs

Installing BMW spark plugs can be a potentially expensive experience if done incorrectly. Use this resource to help make sure you install your BMW spark plugs correctly.
5. BMW Troubleshooting -
Diagnose Faulty Service Interval Lights

Although such complex and beautiful machines, sometimes BMWs have strange problems. This resuorce may prove helpful if your BMWs Service Lights turn on prematurely.
6. BMW How-To Guide -
How To Safely Remove Your BMW Emblem
If you need to remove your BMW's emblem, this resource will help you protect your BMW's paint and body.
7. BMW How-To Guide -
The most complete BMW E36 Do-It-Yourself Guide compiled on the internet. We will be investigating these one by one and converting them to the format above, so please be patient. Includes BMW E36 DIY Guides on Body/Exterior, Interior, BMW brakes, BMW car care, electrical systems and Electronics, BMW engine, and under hood, BMW exhausts, fuel injection, lighting, BMW maintenance, BMW suspension, BMW transmission, BMW misc., and BMW Info Center
8. BMW How-To Guide -

The most complete BMW E46 Do-It-Yourself Guide compiled on the internet. We will be investigating each and every one of the BMW articles and providing quick descriptions of their contents, and skill level like the above listings. BMW E46 DIY Guides including Body/Exterior, Interior, BMW brakes, BMW car car, electrical and electronics, BMW engines, BMW exhausts, lighting, BMW parts and maintenance, BMW suspension and more.
9. BMW How-To Guide -
E46 M3 DIY

The most complete BMW E46 M3 Do-It-Yourself Guide compiled on the internet. We will be doing descriptions of each BMW E46 M3 article found in each of these links providing skill level info as well, just like in the links above. Includes BMW E46 M3 guides including the following: Body/Exterior, Interior, BMW E46 M3 brakes, BMW M3 engines, BMW M3 exhausts, lighting, maintenance and more.
10. BMW FAQ -
E46 BMWs
BMW E46 3 series (323, 328, 325, 330, M3) Frequently Asked Questions
11. E36 and E46 BMW Superchargers and Turbochargers 101 This begginer's level technical article describes the pros, cons, and basic mechanics behind BMW superchargers for those looking into adding HUGE POWER to their BMWs. Although target toward 3 series BMWs, the basic concepts apply to all forced induction vehicles.
12. BMW Link Directory What would the "Ultimate" BMW site be without the end-all collection of BMW links to useful sites and information? Ultimate-BMW.com has set out to collect and organize the most comprehensive BMW link directory online consisting of ONLY those links that meet our criterion for quality, and that contain pertinent and useful BMW information for our enthusiasts.

Keep in mind that the links in the BMW Link Directory are generally NOT Ultimate-BMW.com Forum Sponsors.


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