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adrouse 09-11-2008 23:30

01'540 A labor of love?
Hello to all. Checking in to the site. Good stuff so far compared to the other forums!!! Had mine since 05'. Since then I've replaced:

MAP sensor-no biggie
front & rear brakes/rotors/sensors-no prob
serp belts-ez money
Air filters/oil changes-Synthetic
Nav CD-new roads
Hood emblem and center caps-thievery--dammitt!!!
Ambient sensor-Rain = no A/C
expansion tank-plus a $75 tow
radiator-right after the expansion tank
5 tires-gotta love that offset on the M-package
Gas tank-I didn't see what it was, but it wasn't my fault
windshield-I saw what it it and it really wasn't my fault!!!
hail damage-a tornado in Atlanta....who knew?
side window-thievery again--double dammitt!!!
trunk shocks-a trunk lid hurts--trust me
NEXT UP??? Fuel filter, plugs, cabin filters, & dare I say tranny service....

All that and I still love this car. Now my wife wants a 3-series.....is it meant to be???

jessemartin 10-04-2008 02:02

a bimmer for a bimmer for her
Yes the cost of maintainence is high on these cars isn't it! I have an 01 m3 just the scheduled inspections are pretty high, but isn't it worth it when you get behind the wheel, on a nice day with an open road in front of you! :D :D :D

adrouse 10-04-2008 21:20

No doubt!!! I was assured of that today after my BMW Event, while being followed by a laguna seca blue 02' M3, we ran across an Alpina B7 that wanted to play!!! I rarely see these in GA, let alone a driver that will actually DRIVE it. I gave it my best shot but alas the Alpina is KING!!!!

jessemartin 10-06-2008 00:16

fun with the alpina
Well, at least someone with a worthy car decided to come out and play. The only action I have ever seen up here is from a few lexus is300s and a few mildly turbocharged civics. A friend of mine just bought an 01 540i, I haven't had a chance to drive it, but I've always liked those too. Infact I also considered them when I was looking for m3's, since the m5's were still pretty spendy.

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