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If you've never seen a drift event I highly recommend that you go check one out.

Our top salesman at KO right now, Erick Mahle, is really big in the drift scene here in South Florida, probably one of the top 5 guys down here, and after he had been talking about it so much, and I saw how much he loved it, I decided to check out a couple of his event...

and I must say, he is pretty damn good!

It is really fun to watch the guys that are good (I have to admit the people still learning the ropes that are pure begginers are kinda boring, although they do do funny stuff to their cars when they mess up so that can be entertaining). I've been to about 3 or so of the events now as a spectator, and we may build a KO corporate owned drift car later this year after our shop opens up, which would give us two KO cars - Erick's and the KO corporate car.

check out some of his drift videos on utube, or check out and look for our posts on there for some cool pics and videos if you want to get more into that scene with a BMW.

We're one of the few guys out there in the scene with a BMW.

-John Paul
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