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Originally Posted by Timo
I have been to over 30 drift events across the uk.
driftworks and seem to be the masters of the sport.

we have applied to the americans to have a shoot off at one of our home grounds called teeside in birmingham,uk.

I currently own a car performance shop and online forum for a club of fans from modified cars to drift cars.

I would prefer the drift scene as racing is not my thing but we have just spent £12,000gbp
on a nissan 180sx having it competely rebuilt and stripped. is the forum site in the uk and for us to open a forum was to be underun but we done it for the fans we are prepared to take on this season.

We also have a 1990 bmw 318i with a m-tec kit and a brand new m3 engine with a supercharger built on, and this has cost us just over £6,000gbp to install.
we also have a lsd off the later models that we intend to have rebuilt.
it all counts for the bmw as they call them tramp drifters over in the uk as the main cars are toyota and nissan.

the power to weight ratio will show this season as our bmw or 180sx will hopefuly take podium finish.
That's very interesting!

Our drifter, Erick Mahle, is going to do a demo this weekend in Tampa FL at an IRL race. We're pretty exctied for him.

We're probably going to start building out another BMW drift car later this year.

It is similar here in the States with regards to BMW vs. other drift cars which are mostly Jap cars (240sx, 350z, etc.). That's part of the excitement and fun for us, in that we, like you are brining the cars we love - the Euros - and really making an impact in the drift scene. We have already seen a growing number of our customers here in Florida that used to drift Jap cars, starting to purchase E30s like Erick's to start building them out for drifting after seeing what he can do with the car.

-John Paul
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