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El Supremo! - Welcome back to Ultimate-BMW! haven't seen you here in a while!

I ended up getting a replacement truck for the one the lady destroyed when she ran the red light and flipped me over in August.

I picked up a 95 Land Rover Discovery, which has turned out to be fun to drive, but extremely expensive to fix.

I have had it in the shop 3x already!

I think I just happened to get it when all the suspension and drivetrain issues go bad due to the mileage.

It's low miles for its year (I bought it with 107), but seems like all this starts breaking around now... 100-110k miles.


First round of repairs happened within 2 weeks of owning the truck - $1800 in brake master cylinder, front axles, wheel bearings, and hubs!

Round two was a minor tuneup and timing adjustments

Round three - starter motor and disassembly of the tranny to inspect the clutch! ... $???

part alone is $555!

I'm hoping that afer all these repairs, I can get another 70-100k out of the truck. I guess I ended up being "that guy" that got the truck from the other person right when everything went bad, but I don't want to be "that guy" that fixes everything and gives someone else a great deal and a great truck that lasts a long time with no repairs...

I'm in this one for the long haul lol.
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